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Fighting 50 knot winds and freezing conditions, skipper of the fishing vessel "Kiska Sea", Mike Wilson, uses a shovel to break ice and rid the boat of over two feet of ice which formed as a result of freezing spray coming over the sides while fishing for opilio crab in the  Bering Sea in January and February of 1995.  Realizing the danger, Wilson took the boat up to the ice pack where it sat while he and the crew beat ice for 24 hours. Boats which form too much ice risk becoming too top heavy and capsizing.  Freezing spray is caused when wind blows sea spray onto the boat and it freezes on inpact to anything it touches. The Bering Sea is known for having the worst storms in the world.  Nights are long and cold in the arctic in the winter.  Crab fishing in the Bering Sea is considered to be one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.  This fishery is managed by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and is a sustainable fishery.  The Discovery Channel produced a TV series called "The Deadliest Catch" which popularized this fishery.