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A pit bull dog named Capitan is tethered to his doghouse in a used tire yard in the South Park neighborhood of Seattle, Wash. on January 18, 2013.  His owner Cayetano Roblero says he is let off at night to guard his business "Latino Used Tires".  Seen in the photo is employee Asencio Bravo who says the dog was given to them by a friend who got a divorce and was moving out of the state.  Roblero says he got the dog to guard his business which has been broken into twice.  They have had the dog about six months and no break ins have occurred.  Though Roblero says the dog doesn't get out too much on walks he adds "If you have an animal tied up all the time why do you need the dog then?  If you have an animal you have a purpose for it."  Otherwise, "Its like a guy in jail." "Animals have a right to be free like us." Capitan is an un neutered male. (photo © Karen Ducey Photography)