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Dillon Green, from Seattle, Wash. holds his dog, Katara, on his shoulders while he waits in line with over a hundred other people and their pets at the Doney Memorial Pet Clinic outside the Union Gospel Mission.  Green got Katara as a one-month old puppy from his sister.  He sleeps under a bridge with friends. He is upset with the county animal control service who gave him a ticket for letting Katara run off leash in a park. He says he can't fight the ticket because there is a warrant out for arrest, but he can't afford to pay it either. They came to the Doney Clinic to get Katara some shots after she was bitten by a rat the day before.  When he needs to punish her Green says he holds her snout shut and bites her over the nose when she is bad "which is all the time." He says "She has to be well behaved because I'm homeless and I can lose her if she misbehaves."