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Elephants and giraffes at the Woodland Park Zoo. Pedicab operator David Abeles gives passengers a ride in downtown Seattle.  Same thing as a horse and carriage ride he says but at about half the price.  Cheaper than horse carriages but more expensive than a cab. Abeles charges around $1.00 per minute.  He says they are also referred to as independent riders, rickshaws, or velotaxis. One of his staging areas is in front of Westlake Center on Pine between 5th and $th Aves.  He also does football games and concerts.<br />
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The pedicab business is unregulated in Seattle.   He is allowed to drive on the sidewalk and prefers that over slowing down traffic. "Less people to piss off that way." he says.<br />
  In the summer he estimates there's around 30 operators, under a handful in the winter.  He markets to tourists, locals, and disabled people. "Swallow your pride. Take a pedicure ride." is one of his slogans.  <br />
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(photo © Karen Ducey Photography)