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10/22/03 crab NWS::  A patron is shoved out the door after a fight breaks out in the Elbow Room in Unalaska, AK.  Opened in 1966 by Larry Shaishnikoff and his partner the Elbow Room has garnered a reputation as one of the most dangerous bars in America.  Today however, it has toned down as fishing seasons in the Bering Sea and Bristol Bay have been shortened and new bars have opened in this remote port of Dutch Harbor, AK.  Now at age 72, Shaishnikoff is ready to retire and plans to put the bar up for sale at the first of the year.  Built in 1941 by the US military during WWII, the building first served as a grocery store.  It later became a bar before it was abandoned.  In 1966 Shaishnikoff bought the abandoned structure for $800 and made up to a million dollars in some years.  "This place has calmed down quite a bit." he says.