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A dog licks water off the roof of his house in Kent, Wash. on December 10, 2008. Owner Kenneth Walton, age 16 is learning his father's business of training attack dogs and guard dogs.  His father Dwayne Walton Sr. says he's raised and trained dogs for twenty years and is trying to get a kennel license.  Says Dwayne "As an American I should be able to train, contain, and do what I see possible as long as I'm not abusing them" and stresses that he is not training dog fighting dogs.  "I believe that if the state brings this law in they're going to be taking away a lot of good training.  For 25 years I've been able train my dogs.  I feel like I should be able to continue and turn my legacy to my kids."(Karen Ducey/Seattle Post-Intelligencer)